Board of Directors

Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital is led by a volunteer Board of Directors, which includes:

  • Wayne Hockmeyer, Ph.D. – Chair
  • Juliette Lomax-Homier, MD
  • Michael J. Hammes
  • Tony Woodruff
  • Marybeth Cunningham
  • Matthew Reiser
  • Hal Brown, MD
  • Pranay Ramdev, MD
  • Joseph Iannotti, MD
  • Greg Rosencrance, MD
  • Josette Beran
  • Ozzie Delgado
  • Steven C. Glass
  • David W. Rowan
  • William Peacock
  • Rodolfo Blandon, MD

Medical Executive Committee

The Medical Staff of more than 300 physicians is led by the Medical Executive Committee, which includes:

  • Hal Brown, MD

    Chief of Staff

  • John Lindenthal, MD

    Vice Chief of Staff and PRC Chairman

  • Seth Baker, DO


  • Pranay Ramdev, MD

    Member at Large

  • Lori Posk, MD

    IRMA at Large Representative

  • Robert Hendley, MD

    Cardiology Chair

  • Brian Wylie, MD

    Emergency Medicine Chair

  • George Puskar, MD

    Imaging Services Chair

  • George Mitchell, DO

    Medicine Chair

  • George Fyffe, MD

    OB/GYN Chair

  • Carl DiLella, DO

    Ortho Surgery Chair

  • Julie Bell, MD

    Pathology Chair

  • Marc McCain, MD

    Pediatrics Chair

  • Richard Rothman, MD

    Hospitalist Medicine Department Chair

  • Edward Murphy, MD

    – Surgery Chair and Credentials Committee Chair

  • John Holmes, MD

    Credentials Committee Chair

  • Paul Pagnini, MD

    Radiation Oncology Chair

Executive Management Team

The executive management team leads 1,600 employees staffing over 60 different departments. The team includes:

  • Greg Rosencrance, MD, FACP


  • David Peter, MD, MBA, FACEP

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Ralph Turner, DBA, MSHA, MPA, FACHE

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Charles Mackett III, MD

    Senior VP/President Indian River Medical Associates

  • Liz Bruner


  • Lori Posk, MD, FACP

    Medical Director Clinical Informatics

  • Linda Walton, MSN, RN, CENP

    Senior VP/Chief Nursing Officer

  • Todd Bibens, BSN, MSHSA, MBA

    Senior Director/Operations

  • Angela Dickens

    Senior Director/Digital Marketing Florida Region

  • Warren Fuller

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Richard Vanlith, Pharm. D.

    VP/Strategic Planning and Business Development

  • Brian Myszkowski

    Senior Director/Information Technology