Volunteer Services

volunteer_servicesJoin our group of energetic men, women and teens who serve the Indian River Medical Center and the Treasure Coast community. Share your smiles, skills, compassion and time with patients, visitors and the hospital family while making new friends.

The Auxiliary of Indian River Medical Center has been a forceful presence since 1952. The hospital appreciates the commitment of the volunteers—a strong, community-spirited group who come from all walks of life and occupations. Their dedication is matched only by their flexibility to change as IRMC continues to grow to meet the medical needs of our community.

Comprised of more than 500 dedicated volunteers, the Auxiliary of IRMC includes people from all walks of life including many who are previous healthcare professionals.

Auxilians contribute nearly 100,000 hours of valuable service each year and raise money to assist the hospital in its growth – over $4 million to date.

In addition to serving others as they work within the walls of the hospital, volunteers act as public relations advocates for the hospital among their neighbors and friends. They take great pride knowing they are providing meaningful services that improve the lives of others.

  • Info For Volunteers

    If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please call us or complete the application found here. After becoming a member of the auxiliary, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to handle your new responsibilities.

    Time Commitment

    Approximately 350 of the active volunteers work year-round. Many helpers are seasonal residents and give their time during the busier winter months when the need increases. A minimum of 75 hours per year is requested. This is usually divided into 4-hour shifts, one day per week.


    All volunteers attend the auxiliary orientation, where they are acquainted with each service area and learn about safety, infection prevention, patient confidentiality and hospital procedures.


    The auxiliary recognizes its dedicated volunteers at the January General Meeting by awarding them with pins for the number of hours worked annually and cumulatively. Pins for the number of years worked are awarded in May.

    Teenage Volunteers (TAVs)

    The Teenage Volunteer program is so popular that most of the positions are filled by word of mouth. Teens 15 to 18 years of age volunteer at IRMC year-round. During the school year, when time is limited, there are approximately 30 volunteers. However, in the summer months, more than 60 teens are active in the TAV program.

    They perform many of the same duties as the adult volunteers and are assigned based on their area of interest. An annual appreciation party is held in their honor.

    If you have questions about the volunteer program, call us at (772) 563-4533.

  • Volunteer Positions

    Positions that are always in need include:

    • Scully-Welsh Cancer Center
    • Courtesy Carts
    • Emergency Department
    • Floor Services
    • Hospitality Rooms
      • Cardiology and Radiology Hospitality Room
      • Critical Care and Cardiovascular Hospitality Room
      • Surgery Hospitality Room
    • Magazine Corner
    • Outpatient Endoscopy
    • Outpatient Surgery Transporters
    • Pastoral Care
    • Patient Access Office
    • Patient Registration: Ambulatory Services Center
    • Patient Representatives
    • Pink Corner Gift Shop
    • Pre-Admit
    • Reception/Escort/Courier Services
      • Auxiliary Office Desk
    • Stork Club
    • Surgical Services – PACU
    • Thrift Shop (14th Avenue)
    • Support Services
      • Collating Medical Forms
      • Knitter and Crocheters
      • Partner’s in Women’s Health
      • Special Assignment

    For detailed descriptions of these positions, click here.

  • Volunteer Applications

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