Preparing for Discharge

Ensure that you or your loved one is prepared for a healthy and successful post-hospital transition by reviewing the following information prior to your discharge date.


We will strive to provide you regular information about your discharge date so that you can make arrangements for your ride home well in advance. Your nurse will let you know when your physician has given permission for you to leave. A member of the hospital staff or Auxiliary will escort you and help you into your car. We encourage discharge by 11 a.m. You may request an electronic copy of your discharge instructions. If you would like this, ask to stop at the Release of Information Office as you are leaving and you will receive an electronic copy of your discharge instructions.

Discharge Planning

We recommend you discuss with your physician his/her recommendations for care once you leave the hospital. To prepare you for discharge and continued care that may be needed following your hospital stay, our discharge planners are available to assist you. Our team is available to communicate with your doctor as needed and can assist you and your family in meeting your healthcare needs after your hospitalization.

You may wish to discuss any of the following with the discharge planner:

  • An assessment of your home care situation
  • Information about community resources
  • Counseling regarding your medical and home care situation
  • Guidance about home care services
  • Skilled nursing facility options
  • Resources for durable medical equipment

The Discharge Planning Department can be contacted Monday through Friday at ext. 1116 and at ext. 4541 during weekend hours.

Personal Belongings

Please make sure you have collected all of your belongings and check closets and drawers before leaving.


Ask your provider what a new medicine is for and how it will help you. Ask to have brand names and generic names in addition to the dosages for medicines written down for you. Find out how to take the medicine and for how long. Also ask for written information about what to watch for when you take the medicine.

Follow-up Visits

In most cases, you will need to be seen by a doctor after being discharged from the hospital. It is very important that the follow-up visits be kept as scheduled. The papers you receive from the hospital staff at discharge will include information about who you should see for your next follow-up visit.